CN Prop blades 11×8

CN Prop blades 11×8

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Prop diameter 11
Prop pitch 8
Price: 30.00 $ / set
(Base Price: 16.13 $ € / m²)

A pair of high quality folding CN Prop blades 11×8 made from  Carboweave® carbon fiber.

To ensure the rigidity of such thin parts, we use the specially developed Carboweave® and high modulus carbon fiber.

 Using CN Prop blades 11×8 provides your glider with:

- high rate of climb;

- high horizontal speed for quick transition to the target point;

- minimum resistance with folded blades.

CN Prop blades 11×8 weight of a pair: 6.58 g.

* this product item only includes a set of 2 blades, no spinner

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