CW 40 2/45+/45-

CW 40 2/45+/45-

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Fiber type IMS 65
Density, g / m2 40
Number of layers 2
The direction of fibers in the layers tacking +45°; -45°; -45°; +45
Sheet size, mm 1550x600
Price: 69.00 $ / sheet
(Base Price: 37.10 $ € / m²)


  • 65.55 $ / 5 or more sheets (- 5%)
  • 58.65 $ / 10 or more sheets (- 15%)
  • 55.20 $ / 20 or more sheets (- 20%)

Available Options

Texture ABC -/+ 45°
69.00 $
(Base Price: 37.10 $ € / m²)
0, total discount 0%

Texture CBA +/- 45°
69.00 $
(Base Price: 37.10 $ € / m²)
0, total discount 0%


Density: 40 g/m2 

Fiber type: IMS 65 (Intermediate Modulus Carbon Fiber IMS65 E23 24K 830tex).
Number of layers: 2 
The direction of fibers in the layers tacking:  -45°; +45° / +45°; -45;
Sheet size: 1550 mm × 600 mm 

This carbon fabric is ideal for the manufacture of all ultra-light parts glider / aircraft / saliplane models, especially for stabilizer and fin of DLG glider models.
When manufacturing very thin parts, such as trailing edges of wings and tails of model airplanes, it could be possible that these are becoming warped if no mirrored lay-ups are used. For this reason we offer the Carboweave CW 40 in +/- 45° and in -/+ 45° fibre orientation.

This type of carbon fabric often used for the manufacture glider models of classes F3J, F5J, F3F, F3K, F1A, F1B, F1C, RC / DLG glider / aircraft / saliplane models/ free flight models/control line models. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV, drone).
Manufacture of heavy-duty fishing rods, tubes and similar structures.
We are offer our customers the next generation of ultra lightweight carbon fabrics, which show a difference in quality through their appearance quite clearly. The fibre distribution is much more homogenous, thus the fabric itself does not incorporate clusters of fibres or holes. The fibre orientation –this is the even more important criteria– is absolutely straight and virtually free of undulation. Furthermore an improved surface quality is achieved in comparison to its predecessing material.

Fiber properties:
IMS carbon fibres (Intermediate modulus) are specifically suited for lightweight applications. In comparison with standard carbon fibres, as for example Tenax® HTS40 or Torayca® T300, this fibre provides approx. 20 % increased tensile modulus and ca. 50 % increased tensile strength at an increased elongation at break. Tensile strength, MPa = 6000, tensile modulus, GPa = 290, elongation at break, % = 1,9. 
Toho Tenax® carbon fibers IMS series are tailored to suit applications where strength and stiffness are of ultimate priority. To accommodate this, they are featuring an increase in tensile strength and modulus compared to the usual high tenacity carbon fiber type, leading to unique performances in laminates. Sophisticated components with low wall thicknesses profit from these properties.
Versions with Tenax® IMS65 for very robust available.

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