Sensor F5J normal

Sensor F5J normal

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The Sensor F5J glider is a novelty of 2021, which is the result of fruitful cooperation between CN-Models and Aer-O-Tech. Thanks to the original profiles from Aer-O-Tech, it was possible to achieve outstanding flight characteristics. Sensor F5J is a model that combined the best technical solutions in the F5J class, but at the same time it became closer to the free-fly models in gliding. It can be easily operated by both a professional and a novice in all weather conditions. Profiles from Aer-O-Tech allow the Sensor to fly well both in calm and strong winds. The manufacturing technology with a solid core made it possible to get very rigid, but at the same time very light model. Thanks to its unique design, the model is easy to assemble and disassemble, as well as very easy to transport, since the maximum length of its longest part is 112 cm.

NT model weight*  956 gr ( 33,72 oz) 

Model flight weight** 1350 gr (47,62 oz) 

Wing loading  15,64 gr\dm² 

* - weight of the components depends on the color and the presence of stripes. Dark colors lighter, yellow is the heaviest;
** - typical value shown; the actual values depend on the radio gear used.

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